Winter Tunes and an Update

Hello there! Boyfriend managed to capture this little fellow while grabbing a snack from the bird feeder.
This week has been all about the weather and the winter here in Sweden. It's been snowing every day for more than a week now. I didn't know that this much snow even existed...
For me, personally, this week has been all about my tunic and the upcoming Bollywood show. I'm happy to let you know that yes, I have something to wear now for our first apperance and, yes, I'm also happy that I will be dancing and moving while wearing it. Hopefully, noone will notice that one sleeve is a little bit longer than the other - that being just one of many mistakes. I'm happy though to have managed to create something that even resembles a garment, from a curtain and an old sheet without using a pattern.
After the first coreography I will be changing into a simple lehenga choli (wide skirt, short top and a long scarf). I will also be dancing in a sari for the first time!

Before running off to the next thing on my schedule, I wanted to share my Spotify playlist for this winter. It's filled with warm and friendly tunes, tested and approved by myself during this first week of winter in Sweden.

I'll be back here again after this busy weekend. Take care! And please... wish me good luck for the show tomorrow.

Posted by: Queen of Kammebornia

Din vinterlista ska jag lyssna på, gillade höstlistan så mycket! Söt ekorre! Kraaam!

2012-12-07 @ 16:57:57
Posted by: Johanna

Önskar ett stort lycka till, kommer bli en oförglömlig kväll! :-)

2012-12-07 @ 17:31:37
Posted by: Meream

Good luck on the show!

2012-12-08 @ 04:17:02
Posted by: Ann-Christin

Lycka till!
Bollywood är en av de få dansstilar jag inte provat. Står på min måstelista!

2012-12-08 @ 14:33:37
Posted by: Piccolacasa

Hoppas att showen gick bra <3

2012-12-08 @ 23:57:56
Posted by: Katarina

Hoppas det gick bra.
Jag är kanske en av de få som inte har spotify. Har liksom inte blivit övertalad ännu. Vet inte om jag orkar sätta mig in i det.. ;)

Svar: Åh, men det är hur enkelt och hur bra som helst. All denna musik för 99 kronor i månaden, oslagbart! :-)

2012-12-09 @ 20:05:24
Posted by: Sandra

Oj, lite sent ser jag men jag hoppas showen gick bra! Jag har inte tittat in på ett tag, men ska klicka mig runt lite nu - alltid lika mysigt. Kram på dig

2012-12-09 @ 22:44:26
Posted by: Art By Tina - Konst & Fashion


2012-12-10 @ 09:14:33
Posted by: Camia

Vilken sötnos! Ekorrar är så fruktansvärt söta.

2012-12-13 @ 11:30:21

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