A Letter Full of Sunshine and Happiness

Imagine that it’s a grey and rainy day. It’s after lunch according to the time zone of the ordinary, well-behaved citizens of this city. You, oh you, you haven’t come out of your pajama yet.
When you hear the familiar sound of the postman slamming the mailbox out on the street, you decide to not give a care what the neighbors will say about you in your pajama and rubber boots in the middle of the day (they should be at work anyway, shouldn’t they?).
Imagine that there’s only one item in the mailbox today. And it’s not an invoice. It’s not a fabulous offer for buying 3 boxes of washing powder for the price of 2. No, it’s a letter. A real letter, from a real person.
When you’ve rushed back inside, to save it from the wet, and open it, it’s like the rain clouds are suddenly chased away. The damp smell of fall is dispersed, and a scent of summer fills the room. Basil. Thyme. Sage. Tarragon and pepperoni leaf.
I received a letter from Julia behind the lovely, lovely blog The Sheer Stories. It came to me, all the way from Italy, with memories from her recent trip. Herbs that still smelled of Italy, sunshine and happiness and a beautiful handwritten letter telling me how they used to walk into the garden and collect herbs for breakfast and lunch. Thank you Julia, it really brightened up my day!
Don’t miss Julia’s adorable blog. A few of my favorite posts are the one when she got up really early to catch the morning light, the one where she made natural ink from flower petals, and the one where she shares the best method of pressing flowers.
Check out her Etsy Shop as well. 

I was really inspired by this, so the next time I'm going somewhere I will be looking for a few pen pals as well. Maybe you are one of them?

Posted by: Volang-Linda

Åh vad fint du har det här inne! Blir superinspirerad. Tack för det:)

Svar: Tack, så glad jag blir - för precis så känner jag när jag kikar in hos dig!

2012-09-27 @ 22:19:59
URL: http://www.volang.elleinterior.se
Posted by: Piccolacasa

Men kära nån så underbart!
Funderade på hur du skulle kunna veta min adress, om du ville skriva till mig. Kom att tänka på en gammal poesivers, tror att den går så här
Förlåt hasten jag skrev med kvasten
Om du vill veta mitt namn så res till Köpenhamn
Där hänger det på se' på hus nummer tre

Svar: Åjo, jag är en rätt vass google-detektiv, så bli inte förvånad om jag skulle lyckas :-) Nu har du ju dessutom gett mig en ledtråd som tar mig till Köpenhamn, så jag börjar väl med att leta där... Eller så skulle jag bara fråga, helt enkelt :-)

2012-09-27 @ 22:30:50
URL: http://www.piccolacasa.wordpress.com
Posted by: Alison

That sounds like a lovely surprise and the card is beautiful. Also, your blog design is great. I love your header.

2012-09-28 @ 00:37:25
URL: http://alisonleighjones.blogspot.com
Posted by: Ashley

Um SO on the same page with you. This is such a great idea!!!!

2012-09-28 @ 02:46:59
URL: http://www.heyitsashley.com
Posted by: Johanna

Tänk att ett handskrivet brev kan få en så glad! Och vilken bonus med ett doftande brev:-)

2012-09-28 @ 16:53:39
URL: http://www.johannasbilder.se/blogg

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