Amazing Autumn Planning Guide, part 2/2

If you missed the first part, here it is.
In this second and last part of the planning guide, the time has come to prioritize.
Your lists are probably filled with sweet dreams and feelgood activities, and it’s time to decide which of these that are most important to you and find the must do’s and want to’s to dedicate some of your precious time to every week.
I’m also sharing my way of visualizing my priorities – a ‘weekly priority wheel’.


1. Look at your lists. Are there common denominators? Items you can cluster? Make notes, brackets and arrows, underline, star or strikethrough – anything that helps you sort out your thoughts.
2. Pick out the three things on your lists that are absolutely dearest to you. It should be things that you feel you are almost dependent upon for survival (or at least to stay happy).
3. Choose eight (or more if you wish, but try to be realistic in terms of what you can accomplish without burning yourself) things that you need and/or want to do every single week. These choices should in some way reflect and correspond to your three dearest things-list.

Time to get creative!

I chose to visualize my priorities in a wheel. The hub, in the middle of the wheel, holds my top 3 necessities: family & friends, health and creativity. The idea is to highlight these as important reminders if you suddenly find yourself lost in the stress.
Between each spoke (eker, in Swedish), I’ve written my eight every week choices.
  • Family and friends (including the dear cat): No words needed. Absolutely necessary to make space each week to nurture your most important relations.
  • Blog: My blog inspires me to take on creative challenges and express myself in words and pictures.
  • Writing: Writing has always been a part of my life, and I’ve been wanting for a while to get serious about it. I feel the time has come now to dedicate at least a few hours every week to writing.
  • Food: Although I still like to see myself as a healthy gourmet, the truth is that during the last years, I’ve spent less and less time on eating, sometimes even forgetting to have lunch and skipping breakfast. This needs to change! I’m actually following CrimsonAnna’s advice to plan my meals ahead every week, starting today.
  • Bollywood: I love to dance, especially Bollywood. The music is cheerful and you get to use colourful clothing and heavy make-up and jewellery – no further explanation needed. Bollywood dancing also supports a healthy lifestyle, which is in the hub of my wheel.
  • Yoga: Same here. I like it and it makes me healthy.
  • Housekeeping: Well, nothing that I love to do, but have to. This is just a reminder to take some time each week to tidy up my home.
  • Work: Well, I’m still on sick leave but guessing I will be ready to go back to work sometime during this fall. Putting it in my weekly priority wheel also serves the purpose of reminding me not to let work outrival the other spokes in my wheel. It's just one of many things in life.
There were two things on my wish list that I wasn’t really happy to remove, so these are hanging as bonus activities for me to pick like sweet apples whenever I get the time. Instead of taking on weekly pottery classes, I will look for a weekend course.

How to use the weekly priority wheel

Keep it visible. Consult it every Sunday when making plans for next week. Make sure you stick to your three top priorities and make time and space – each week – for the eight spokes.
Happy planning!

Posted by: Piccolacasa

Wow jag är imponerad! Smart och kreativt och vackert!
Själv är jag i en full-fart-period och kan inte ta mig tid att sitta ner och göra något liknande. Jag har ju semester och bestämmer dag för dag vad jag vill göra, det jag inte hinner med flyttar jag till nästa dag. Och allt är sådant jag har längtat till. Någon frågade om jag skulle "få någon semester alls". Men frågan är vad som är semester. Att ligga pall med en bok 24/7 eller göra allt man älskar i den ordning och takt man önskar?

Svar: Semestertid är verkligen ta dagen som den kommer-tid, njut! På min semester gör jag helst lite av både och om jag kan - superslappar några dagar, men sedan börjar det alltid klia i fingrarna :-) Kram

2012-08-02 @ 17:23:51
Posted by: Becka [fotoblogg]

Åh så underbar header du har :D

Svar: Tack! :-D

2012-08-02 @ 17:49:12
Posted by: creando

Så klokt och konkret. Ett bra sätt som faktiskt verkar kunna funka. Tack!

2012-08-02 @ 21:50:35
Posted by: kajsa

Herregud vilken fin blogg jag hittade till! Din blogg kommer helt klart hamna bland mina favoriter! Det skulle också betyda allt om du vill kommentera vad du tycker om min nya design! puss o kram :)

2012-08-02 @ 22:55:19
Posted by: Helena

Vad kul att jag kunde inspirera dig under ditt kakbak idag!:) Sylten jag gjorde blev jättegod.

Vilken fint veckohjul du har gjort! Jag blir både iponerad och inspirerad av dina fantastiska idéer.

Svar: Tack snälla :-)

2012-08-02 @ 22:56:07
Posted by: Johanna

Vilken kreativitet som lyser igenom här! Från din skiss till färdigt resultat med förklaring till hur du tänker. Så roligt att se!
Kram Johanna

2012-08-04 @ 09:50:59
Posted by: Karolina

Jag tycker det är väldigt inspirerande att du har gjort listan och hjulet på engelska :)

Svar: Ja, hade det inte varit för att jag bestämt mig för att hålla bloggen tvåspråkig så hade jag gjort det på svenska... :-)

2012-08-04 @ 12:31:34
Posted by: CrimsonAnna

Imorgon skapar jag mitt hjul. Jag tror att det kommer att vara liknande saker i det-fast jag har nog mer metal än bollywood-fast jag gilalr bollywood jag också:)

Svar: Spännande! Och det gör mig verkligen glad att någon - du - läst och begrundat det jag skrivit och faktiskt kommer att testa. Det är en lite häftig känsla :-)

2012-08-05 @ 23:37:24

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