Object of Delight #3

A pair of old but dearly loved shoes. I got them on a trip to the US in 2008 (today I'm actually a bit ashamed of the 'Oh, look at everything I bought' pic in that post...). Shopaholic? Me? Not any more, I tell you.
These shoes are perfect for an early autumn outfit, before it gets too cold (or wet). The colour makes me think of autumn leaves and the little bow is just too cute.
The rug? Bought in India.

Posted by: Queen of Kammebornia

Både skorna och mattan är underbara!

2012-08-23 @ 20:45:07
URL: http://queenofkammebornia.se
Posted by: Turid

Jättefin färg, passar bra nu inför hösten:-) Så snyggt med färg på fötterna.

2012-08-24 @ 09:18:15
URL: http://travelandfashion.blogg.se

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